Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1 in 3 homes sold by auction by 2010?

I just read an article about the Denver real estate market and how auctions are becoming popular for retail properties.

Traditionally, auctions have been used as a "fire-sale" to move properties at a discount. That is changing. Now auctions are becoming a successful way to move a retail property as well.

The advantage is that an auction makes a property stand out, which is especially important in today's market. Not only that, but auctions won't disappear when the market picks up again. They are an even better strategy in a hot market because there is no limit on the price someone will pay.

I think we'll see a big change in how real estate is bought and sold in the U.S. in then next couple of years. As it's being predicated now, 1 in 3 properties will be sold using that method. It just makes sense.

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