Sunday, May 25, 2008

Real Estate Auctions - Is there a better way!

No, there is not a better way to sell than by using an auction.

It's interesting that there are still a lot of sellers who are not sure an auction is the best way to sell.

What could be better? You are marketing for a short period time using a proven method to get buyers interested and inside to view a property. An auctions creates competition by letting buyers bid against each other in an open format. This strategy is simply the best way to determine the value of something.

In fact, do you realize that our entire stock market is an auction? An auction isn't something new. It's been tested and proven for centuries.
One common concern of sellers is that they will be forced to sell their property at a price that's too low. If handled correctly, that is not the case. The seller is always able to stay in control.

Another concern is that an auction may not receive a winning bid and that could hurt the chance for selling. That is simply not true. An auction is not always successful, but they always create interest and lots of leads of interested buyers. More times than not, a deal can be worked after the auction ends.

If you have property to sell and aren't using auctions, it's time to get involved and find out for yourself why they are simply the best method to sell a property.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Internet - moving us forward

Not long ago, most real estate agents didn't use the Internet or e-mail. I can't imagine there are any active real estate agents who don't use it today.

We keep hearing that about 90% of all buyers looking for homes start their search online, so if you're not there, you probably won't be in business long.

But what's next? Where will technology take us now?

It's not hard to see that online bidding and online real estate auctions are the next big change in real estate. Why? It only makes sense.

Our society is constantly changing, looking for faster and more efficient ways to do things. Being able to post a property online and take offers 24x7 is the easiest and most efficient way to sell real estate. It's great for the seller who can set a date to sell and the buyer who can compete equally with other buyers. There also isn't a better way to determine the market value.

It will be fun in the next few years to see the online auction become the preferred way of selling real estate because everyone benefits.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

On the auction block

Today's real estate market is filled with uncertainty and that's why so many motivated sellers are gravitating toward auction sales.

Auctions have gained huge popularity because sellers want a definitive sale date and time. Depending on the area, the typical time on the market is about six months and with an auction you can speed it up to a four to six week period.

There are still many buyers who are unfamiliar with how an auction works, and that's where educated agents can make a big impact. Real estate agents who make the effort to understand an auction and the tools available to them which allow them to offer an auction to their clients will become extremely busy over the next few years.

Unlike traditional real estate where you wait for the market to come to you, in an auction you're going after the market and inviting it to the property. And, with the introduction of Internet bidding, more buyers can participate resulting in a higher selling price.

Experts in the field predict one in every three homes will be sold by an auction by 2010, is there any reason not to get started today?