Friday, May 9, 2008

The Internet - moving us forward

Not long ago, most real estate agents didn't use the Internet or e-mail. I can't imagine there are any active real estate agents who don't use it today.

We keep hearing that about 90% of all buyers looking for homes start their search online, so if you're not there, you probably won't be in business long.

But what's next? Where will technology take us now?

It's not hard to see that online bidding and online real estate auctions are the next big change in real estate. Why? It only makes sense.

Our society is constantly changing, looking for faster and more efficient ways to do things. Being able to post a property online and take offers 24x7 is the easiest and most efficient way to sell real estate. It's great for the seller who can set a date to sell and the buyer who can compete equally with other buyers. There also isn't a better way to determine the market value.

It will be fun in the next few years to see the online auction become the preferred way of selling real estate because everyone benefits.

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