Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Online Bidding : Consider the efficiencies!

Take a moment to ponder the efficiencies that online bidding can bring to your daily life as an active real estate agent, and ask yourself a few questions.

How many active listings do you have?

Suppose you got simultaneous calls with prospects wanting to see all of them, right now. How do you do that?

Suppose they wanted to make offers on all of them, right now. Again, how do you do that?

If a prospect wants to make an offer on one of your listings at 2AM, do you want to take the call?

Have you ever talked yourself into, and then right out of a sale?

Wouldn't it be better if a prospect could make an offer as soon as they were ready?

Are you trying to figure out how to cut down on your gasoline consumption, especially if it goes to $5/gallon or more?

Do you have attractive second-home, upscale vacation, or investor-type listings?

Would you believe that such properties can sell sight unseen?

Suppose you could eliminate the drudgery of writing up an offer, and a counteroffer, and the phone calls and visits that go with them?

Do you think you could get more listings if you could offer listing prospects online bidding?

Could you use another tool to help compete with individual Internet-savvy FSBO's, as well as For-Sale-By-Owner agencies?

Could you use an automatic "lead generation" system that attracted worldwide attention to your local listing farm?

What will you tell Sellers who expect you to offer online bidding if you don't have it available?

Do you think your Sellers might be more impressed with your work if they could monitor the bidding on their property themselves, without calling you?

If you could spend more time and effort on marketing, and less on busy work, do you think your commissions would increase?

Would you like to increase your number of in-house sales with no commission splits to buyer agents?

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