Friday, March 19, 2010

Are You Willing to be a Leader?

Online bidding will become the preferred method for selling real estate in the coming years. Here are some early indicators…
  • REDC (Real Estate Disposition Corporation), the largest real estate auction company in the country, now sells more real estate through their "online only" auctions than their live ballroom events. As an example, for the week ending March 6th, 2010 they set a record sales volume of $71M sold and $43.2M of it (over 60%) was sold online.

  • County courthouses around the country are beginning to sell their foreclosures through online bidding. In Dade County Miami they have sold 2,800 properties since they started in mid-January. Broward & Palm County have just announced they are implementing it as well.

  • REDC has partnered with a company in the UK for “online only” auctions. They sold 57 properties at their first event in February.

  • Tulare County – (Near Fresno CA) has just announced their Tax lien sales will now be done through online bidding.

  • RE/MAX International is holding their first “live/online” hotel auction event with 150 homes on April 10th in Denver.

Be a Leader & join our next webinar to see how you and your team can use online bidding with your listings in your market today.

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