Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where is all the action?

Real Estate Auction = Action

You've probably noticed that real estate has changed radically in the 2000s. One change is the new role of real estate auctions as a useful effective selling tool, a viable supplement to yesterday's private negotiated, put a sign out, run an ad, wait for the phone to ring, one on one, marketing efforts.

To make an auction even easier, faster and more accessible to today's buyer, the Internet is becoming the preferred method for conducting them. Buyers can participate from wherever they have access to the web, and today, that's almost everywhere.

The Internet also opens up auctions to real estate agents as an additional selling tool for their customers. The agent can run an auction themselves without coordinating a "live" event or learning the auction chant.

To me, the biggest benefit is the reduced time frame to market and find a buyer. Live auctions typically take 30-60 days to market and coordinate, but with an online auction, some agents are doing them in as little as a week.

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