Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why would I do an online auction?

"Why would I do an online auction?" - I get this question a lot from real estate agents who are not familiar with using online auctions to market and sell their clients property.

Here are the top 10 reasons....

10) Nobody's been through the property in weeks.

9) You're tired of the seller complaining that you are NOT "doing anything".

8) The seller has moved out and is making 2 house payments.

7) The seller is facing foreclosure and needs an offer for a short sale.

6) Your seller insists you keep doing open houses EVERY weekend.

5) You want to be able to offer something other than another "price reduction".

4) You seller doesn't want to hear about another price reduction.

3) You are an "innovative" Realtor who offers better solutions than your competition.

2) You and the seller just want an offer....ANY offer, PLEEEEASE!

1) You know everything you need to know about running your own online auction because you attended our online auction training event.

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