Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you getting the most out of the Internet?

There's no question the Internet is an important part of any real estate business. I can't imagine there's any active real estate agent who doesn't have a website or a least a web page on their company's site.

After all, with over 84% of buyers searching for homes online, you'll struggle to compete without one.

However, it's not just having a website, it's what you do with your website to provide value. Some real estate agents are reaching out by using social media, virtual tours, SEO strategies and blogging which are all great strategies, but there's still something missing.

I believe the real opportunity is being able to engage and negotiate with buyers in real-time. One way to do this is by accepting offers/bids online for your listings. When you allow buyers to bid online, you leverage technology to create urgency, negotiate with multiple buyers at once and get your client the highest and best offer.

Using online bidding (a.k.a. an online auction) takes your listing to the next level. Now, not only can buyers see pictures and videos and all the details about a property, they can submit an offer (bid) from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Internet is truly a powerful medium, make sure you are leveraging it, the best you can!

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